Our trackers are one of Astronomy Magazine's 2016 products of the year.

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The StarSync Tracker is a device designed to cancel out the effects of the Earth's rotation when taking long exposure astrophotography with an SLR camera.

  • Dependable, Strong, Built to Last
    • Made from aluminum and stainless steel
    • Solid hinge, bronze bushings
  • Smooth, Accurate and Easy to align
    • Built-in special green laser polar-alignment mount
    • Stainless steel drive rod
  • Customizable Software
  • Easy pointing of the Camera
    • 2-axis Camera swivel mount
    • over 2.5 hours tracking motion
    • Fast reset
  • Fits on most camera tripods
  • Portable
    • Lightweight - Fits into a backpack
    • Can be powered by optional LiPO battery or any
      12 vdc (>=500ma) power supply
  • Great accessory for wide-field astrophotography, like imaging the Milky Way.