StarSync Trackers LLC
The affordable way to take stunning wide-field celestrial images.

StarSync Trackers LLC was started by Gary Hug and Russell Valentine. StarSync Trackers manufactures and sells astronomical equipment.

Gary Hug has been an amateur astronomer for 45 years and a machinist for 25 years. He has built many telescopes and constructed three observatories. He has received the Edgar Wilson award for co-discovering periodic comet 178P (Hug-Bell). He has discovered hundreds of asteroids. He is 51st worldwide for number of minor planet discoveries (as of 11-2015). Awarded amateur of the year (2015) by the mid-states region of the Astronomical League. Discovered three Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) - One potentially hazardous asteroid and one virtual impactor. He has over 14,000 Near Earth Object Observations sent to the Minor Planet Center.

Russell Valentine
has a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics with applied mathematics concentration in physics from the University of Kansas. Russell has over 14 years of experience in software development, and over five years experience in electrical engineering. As an amateur astronomer himself, he is interested in providing solutions to help other astronomers.