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Polar Alignment and Mounts Power
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Picture of a car cigarette lighter DC power adapter Cigarette Lighter DC Power Adapter

Cigarette Lighter DC Power Adapter, to use a tracker with your car.

Price: $10.00
Picture of a green laser pointer. Green Laser Pointer (For Polar Alignment)

Green laser used to polar align the tracker.

Price: $12.00
Picture showing AC wall wart power adapter. AC Adapter - 12V DC - 1 Amp

An AC adapter to run the tracker using a AC wall outlet.

Price: $15.00
Lithium Ion Battery Pack, with AC adapter and male-male cable. 6.8Ah Rechargable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

Lithium-Ion battery to power a tracker. The AC Adapter used to recharge the battery can also be used to power the tracker.

Price: $32.95
Picture of latitude stand to mount a StarSync Tracker on. Tripod-free Latitude Stand

A mount that attaches to the back of tracker. It is used to keep your tracker at the correct angle for your latitude while operating without the need for a tripod.

Price: $35.00